Mingyu Ding - 丁明宇

Mingyu Ding

Hi there! I am a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley working with Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka, a distinguished member of National Academy of Engineering, and was a visiting scholar at MIT working with Prof.Joshua Tenenbaum. Before that, I received my PhD from the University of Hong Kong advised by Prof. Ping Luo, and my B.S. from Renmin University of China under the supervision of Prof. Zhiwu Lu. My research interests lie at the intersection of embodied AI, robotics, and vision. I am open to research discussions and collaborations, feel free to get in touch!

myding at berkeley dot edu     [Google Scholar]

Research Highlights

My long-term research goal is to build embodied agents that can reason about and interact effectively with the physical world.

CoRL22: Embodied Concept Learner

NeurIPS23 Dataset: Physion++

NeurIPS23: EmbodiedGPT

ICML23: AdaptDiffuser


ICLR24: Tree-Planner

Preprint: PhyGrasp

RSS24: Human-oriented Manipulation

Preprint: Long-Horizon Tasks with LLM

CVPR23: EC for Embodied Control

NeurIPS22: ComPhy Benchmark

NeurIPS21: Reasoning with DiffPhysics

CVPR24: SkillDiffuser

Preprint: RoboScript

ICML24: RoboCodeX

Preprint: LanguageMPC

CVPR20: Depth-Guided 3D Det


Selected Publications [Full List]

     (* Equal contribution. † Corresponding author.)

Selected Honors